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It's been 10 years since we printed our first digital photo and a lot of things have changed... Back then most digital cameras were 2 mega pixels and people were still using dial up. Now your phone takes 10 mega pixel photos and you only see dial up modems in antique shops. We've been through it all - load shedding, postal strikes and a few misunderstandings about cropping. Hopefully we've managed to get through it all keeping all our customers happy.

Unfortunately, it's now time for us to close our doors and move on.

One thing hasn't changed over the last decade - the quality of our prints. Powered by the experts in Orms Printing and Framing we've consistently delivered the highest quality prints on the market. And once we've closed you'll still be able to send your photos to these experts - please email your photos to or share with on DropBox. If you have any queries please contact the Orms Team here

Thank you for all your support, we're going to miss you!
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